Can’t afford green energy for your home?
Now you can.

Reduce your heating and electricity bills through energy efficiency or solar power. Thanks to innovative financing, these upgrades can pay for themselves.

What is PACE?

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs are a great way to finance energy efficiency upgrades and cleaner energy solutions for your home. Payments come from your energy savings. Now you can afford to make green choices. See if there’s a program for you.

Our Climate

14% of Nova Scotia’s greenhouse gas emissions come from our buildings – homes and businesses. Energy efficiency and renewable power can help meet our environmental targets and protect our future.

Your Money

Does your energy bill make you cringe? You can save big with energy efficiency upgrades and renewables. By participating in your local PACE program, you won’t need to cover these upfront costs.

Nova Scotia is a national leader

Halifax’s Solar City was the first PACE program in Canada! But it isn’t the only one. Nova Scotia has the most PACE programs of any province, saving money and reducing our carbon footprint.

“This program has had an immediate, positive impact on our finances. It’s been dramatic.”

Blake McDonald, PACE participant, Town of Bridgewater

“We got involved in PACE to help homeowners improve efficiency in their home, reduce costs, and reduce greenhouse gases.”

Terry Thibodeau, Coordinator of Renewable Energy, Municipality of Digby